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Best coffee in Vientiane: Bar2Bros Cafe & Lounge

Coffee is a serious subject.  Its my daily addiction; my daily habit; my little half-hour escape from the world, where no-one dares interrupt me.  I’m originally from Melbourne – and Melbourne is the coffee capital of Australia with arguably some of the best coffee in the world.  Melbournians take their coffee seriously – indeed, it has snob value.  No watery espresso or soy half-strength latte for me!  Its the real deal I’m after: a rich, full-bodied espresso brewed with care using quality beans to be sipped at my leisure.  Whether you’re looking for blended, single origin, espresso or cold drip, I can tell you I’ve recently uncovered Vientiane’s best coffee.

Vientiane's Best Coffee Bar2Bros coffee tasting platter

Vientiane’s best coffee – Bar2Bros coffee testing plate

Bar2Bros Cafe & Lounge, in my opinion, makes the best coffee in Vientiane, Laos.  Why?  Passion.  Not only is the espresso full-bodied, thick and rich, but the baristas care about details and take the time to deliver a perfect coffee every time.  Bar2Bros Cafe & Lounge is part of the group that brought Vientiane Naked Espresso, 30ml Espresso & Bar and the newly opened League of Brewers.  Even though I frequent all of these establishments and enjoy many of their range of coffees, snacks and meals, my favourite without doubt is Bar2Bros.  The reason being is twofold: the coffee beans themselves vary within the Naked Espresso group – each cafe has its distinct range of coffee beans and I simply prefer the beans at Bar2Bros (my recommendation is the Colombian bean – a rich, ripe bean with caramel undertones).  The other reason is the baristas: here they seem to make a coffee in an “Australian” style, which I prefer.  This may be due to the fact that the man behind the Naked Espresso Group, Mr Ariya Khamvongsa (Pop), has spent an extended amount of time studying in Australia, bringing his barista experience and cafe knowledge back to Laos to successfully operate the Naked Espresso group of coffee bars.

Bar2Bros Cafe & Lounge decor is fresh and modern, but inviting.  Downstairs is quite small but there is a lovely outdoor seating area which I love for breakfast or mornings before the heat of the day arrives.  There is also an upstairs seating area for larger groups.  The free wifi means it is a great place to get my blog posts finished, catch up with friends or just escape from the heat.

Vientiane's best coffee Bar2Bros cafe

Relaxing outside courtyard at Bar2Bros Cafe & Lounge

Bar2Bros Cafe & Lounge is slightly out of the tourist centre, being on Singha Road, Nongbone, but is a handy stop off if you are heading to That Luang, as it is situated half-way between Patuxay and That Luang.  In the morning, call in for a cappaccino or in the heat of the day try the Honey Citrus Cold Brew Coffee – it’s seriously refreshing!

Bar2Bros Cafe Citrus Cold Brew Coffee Vientiane Laos

Honey Citrus Cold Brew Coffee – what more do you need on a hot day?

Coffee lovers choose from espresso, pour over, siphon, French press or cold drip options and for those looking for a non-coffee alternative, there is plenty to please with a variety of herbal teas, chai, matcha and hot chocolate, cold herbal drinks, healthy juices and fruit smoothies.  Signature drinks are so photogenic you’ll be whipping out your camera to get a fabulous Instagram pic.  Check out the Butterfly Pea Latte (21,000 kip), Pumping Pomegranate Iced Tea (23,000 kip) or Watermelon Mojito (23,000 kip).

Vientiane's best coffee Bar2Bros cafe Laos Butterflypea latte

Bar2Bros Cafe Signature Butterfly Pea Latte

Vientiane's best coffee Bar2Bros cafe Laos pomegranate tea

Bar2Bros Signature Pumping Pomegranate Iced Tea

Vientiane's best coffee Bar2Bros Laos cafe pineapple smoothie

Time for a cool smoothie: Pineapple + Mango + Banana + Ginger

The menu has a small selection but all are made to perfection using fresh, quality ingredients.  Sandwiches (40,000 kip), pasta (45,000 kip), light salads such as feta pear salad (40,000 kip), along with staple Asian dishes such as Khao Phat (fried rice)(25,000 kip), Phat Thai (Thai noodles)(25,000 kip) and Phat See Ew (Thai noodles) (25,000 kip).

But undoubtedly another reason for visiting Bar2Bros Cafe & Lounge is the breakfast!  Australians rejoice in the bacon, egg and cheese muffin (38,000), the eggs benedict with smoked salmon (40,000 kip) or the scrambled eggs with chorizo (35,000 kip).

Vientiane Bar2Bros cafe Laos coffee brunch egg muffin

Bacon, egg and cheese muffin – its the tartare sauce that elevates this simple dish!

Vientiane Bar2Bros cafe Laos pancake brunch

Bar2Bros breakfast pancake fried stack (35,000 kip)

Vientiane Bar2Bros cafe Laos breakfast brunch coffee

Bar2Bros eggs benedict with smoked salmon

Oh, and did someone say cake?  I think that’s a whole other post!!

Vientiane Coffee Bar2Bros cafe Laos black sesame cake

Black Sesame Cake (23,000kip)

Bar2Bros Cafe & Lounge

23 Singha Road, Nongbone Village, Vientiane, Laos

Mon-Fri 07:00-19:00, weekends 08:00-19:00
T: (020) 52 228 229

 Bar2Bros Location Map

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Bar 2 Bros coffee Vientiane Laos Stylish coffee at Bar 2 Bros Vientiane Laos

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